Even Animals Can Play Sports

Has it ever crossed your mind that animals can also play sports like us, human being?

For a long period of time, animals have been used in sporting events like racings and fights. Favorite animals engaged in sports racing are horses, dogs and pigeons. Bloody sports found in some countries are bullfights and cockfights; and in some instances, an interesting spiders games of children.

Racings and sports inevitably have bets and wagers as gambling considerations. Aside from this, is the honor of gaining world wide recognition.

Horse racings fall in this category. Horse racings done in race tracks are for purely gambling activities, while equestrian sports are for arts, competitions and tournaments. Equestrians vie for titles in Olympic competitions as well as the honor of coming home as an international champion along this field.

The sport of pigeon racing has recently caught the fancy of people. This game has started in Belgium in the 19th century.

Pigeons are classified as homing birds, and have been used by the military as messenger birds. In the book of the Genesis, Noah, during the great flood, used a pigeon to test the dry land.

How are pigeon races done? To compete, one must be a member of an organization that sponsors such event. The bird is registered, and a permanent numbered ring is placed on the leg of the pigeon and should be in place for 5 days at least.

Pigeons have been trained to cover distance and to be able to return home. At the start of the race, rules of the game provides that pigeons should be taken away from their home and to be released according to an arranged time and place. The first pigeon to return home is declared winner. Some do not return and die in flying back.

In bullfights, a sport popular in Spain, criticisms have been made by animal antagonists saying that it is cruel to animals. Protagonists of the sport claim that this is only done for fun and as a tourist attraction. They claim that when bulls die in the fight, it is eaten like any meat and does not go to waste.

Bullfights still continue in Spain while the question still lies on whether this is art or cruelty.

Cockfights are another bloody animal game wherein two cocks are matched with each other. Sharp curved blades are attached to one of the legs of the roosters and attempt to hit each other in the knockout fight. A winner is proclaimed when one of the rooster drop dead, or does not attempt to pick anymore after three or several rounds.

Bets on this game are usually placed thru a bookmaker and fights are done in a cockpit arena and reaches to thousands of dollars.

Spider game is popular among children. Two spiders are perched on each end of a one yard stick. The two spiders inch their way, glides and spins web until both meet at the middle. They may fall, as one tries to get hold on to the stick, but its mastery of spinning web would take the spider back to the stick and land a place. Once the spider gets hold of the other, it immediately spins web to the other to defeat it and afterwards, it becomes a source of food to the winning spider.

As this is only a child play, only small bets are placed, and this game is done more for fun.

Whichever animals sports enthusiasts use in games, one cannot escape the idea that it is being cruel to animals as claimed by animal activists, while others would prove that this is only for fun, and still others hold this as a source of income.

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