Enjoying the Game of Baccarat

From the origin of the baccarat game to the meaning of a tie wager, players’ must understand different baccarat words if they want to do well in the game and if they want to be aware on what is going on.

1st, Baccarat/Baccara. The name means zero and refers to the worth of the face cards and ten cards during the entire game. The main goal of the game is to get a total hand or get closer to the total hand of the dealer. 2nd, Bank wager. This wager against the player hand and is in favor of the bank hand.

3rd, banker. The banker can be either the player or the main in charge in the game. It is the name that is given to the person that gives the cards in the table and observes the game. It is usually the dealer but some casinos make an exception to this rule.

4th, bankroll. This is the amount of cash that you are willing to wager in the table. 5th, basic technique. This is what you should use together with money management. 6th, croupier. This is the person in charge of the whole baccarat gaming table. There are differences on the job of the croupier. The croupier does not give out cards in the American variation of baccarat unlike with mini and online baccarat variations.

7th, the Dealer. This is the person that gives out the cards in the game. But in mini baccarat and online baccarat, this job is done by the croupier. In the American variation of baccarat, it is the banker that gives out the cards, with other dealers seated at the ends of the baccarat table handling the wagers.

8th, the Face Card. It is the cards that have a significant value in baccarat. The Jacks, Queens and Kings cards have a face value of zero and boost a strong hand like a natural hand. 9th, Ladderman. A Ladderman can only be found in a land-based casino. It is the person that oversees a baccarat game that sits above the gambling table.

10th, the Loss Wager. It is the wager against the bank hand. So a player hand would be a loss wager because it needs the bank hand to lose in the game in order to win. 11th, mini baccarat. It is the scaled down version of the game with smaller gaming table and fewer players. 12th, a Natural. It is the strong hand that has a total of eight or nine and is usually given out immediately by the dealer.

13th, a Player Wager. This is wager is usually in the player’s advantage. 14th, Push. It is the tie between the player and the dealer. Wagers on the dealer and the player hand lose while a tie wager will pay the winning player and last but not the least, tie wager. This is a wager that bets that the player and the dealer will have a similar result.

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